Smart Cleaning

Innovation at the service of cleanliness and the environment

A UNIQUE cleaning concept for a 100% guaranteed result that revolutionises the use and revolutionises the use and consumption of detergents and cleaning products. 

Everyone benefits and the environment too!


A global concept

  • Applicable everywhere

  • High and constistent quality

  • Ergonomic: reduced workload

  • Ecological: management and controlof consumption

  • Economical: budget control

A cost effective solution

+ Cleaner + Faster + Ergonomic

A concept adaptable anywhere

Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns

SMART methode

Intelligent expertise for cleaning

The pluses :

  • Labour & product consumption

  • Saves time.

  • Ergonomic system.

Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns
  • Optimal results on a daily basis.

  • Periodc maintenance not required.

Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns
  • Emulsion of dirt by the solution of water and product.

  • High resistance of the mop.

  • Lasts 3 times longer than a traditional mop.

  • High absorbency of the mop.

  • Dirt is absorbed and not spread.

 Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns

The pluses :

  • Enzyme solutions. 

  • Technical solutions.

  • Absorbent and/or deodorising solutions.

  • Neutralising solutions.

Your benefits

Daily & periodic professional cleaning

No error

Perfect result in
1 operation


Washing without loss of efficiency

Gradually releases
the cleaning solution

Our commitment


Our MPM concept offers high-performance EQUIPMENT, quality products and an ergonomic working method.  


Non-toxic. No bioaccumulation effects in the environment. 

  • Ecocert formulas and 100% vegetable origin 

  • Biodegradable product 

  • Reduced CO2 impact 

  • Recyclable packaging 

  • Reasonable use of plastic

  • Reusable bottle and/or recyclable refill


  • 2 actions in 1 

  • Time saving 

  • Controlled consumption of water and products