Ecolabelled solutions

Powerful products for you and soft for nature

Sustainable consumption also means using environmentally friendly products.
All products in our  e-Natural range are certified by the EU Ecolabel, the most rigorous certification for environmental friendliness.  

What is the EU Ecolabel?

The EU ecolabel is the only official European Ecolabel valid in all EU countries and supported by public authorities. Its global approach takes into account the entire life cycle of the product : the extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use up to recycling and disposal after use. 

Why choose detergents with the European Ecolabel?

Most conventional detergents contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment and health. These substances can contaminate water treatment plants, rivers, seas and oceans and even end up in our glasses and plates.
To avoid this and reduce your environmental impact, you can choose detergents with the European Ecolabel.

Your benefits

Unlike concentional detergents, e Natural products are soft for the planet and for the user.

Thanks to an official label

In concentrated or ready-to-use formulas

Allow you to become "a greener" consumer

A small amount of products is sufficient

A responsible choice for recyclable packaging

        EU Ecolabel

        The only official European Ecolabel, recognized by all EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. This label guarantees that products or services are environmentally friendly.

        The transparency of the strict EU Ecolabel criteria helps you make sustainable choices without compromising on product quality.